Questions? Call us. 416.663.6001

Questions? Call us. 416.663.6001

If your questions are not answered with the following Frequently Asked Questions, please complete our technical support form by clicking on the link below.

  • How does using PDF JobReady benefit me?

    PDF captures formatting information from a variety of desktop publishing applications. This makes it possible for you to send your formatted documents and have them appear on the recipient's monitor or printer as you intended. This means the folks at your favorite print shop may spend less time making modifications to your "completed" document which you would then need to proof. Your project gets a jump start through the production cycle and ultimately gets returned to you in shorter time. And, since the PDF file format was developed by Adobe systems, why not use the creation tool developed by them as well?

  • What are the System Requirements for using PDF JobReady?

    A PDF JobReady driver is available for: Windows 2000 and XP, and Mac OS X.

    You will need the latest version of Adobe Reader *.

    PDF JobReady uses an integrated Internet Explorer window. Browser Requirements for Windows 2000, XP and Vista:
    At least IE 6

    *The Mac OS X driver uses an integrated Safari window, no browser or Reader requirements apply

  • Instead of seeing the PDF preview, I see "The security plug-in required by this command is unavailable". What is going on?

    If you see this message instead of the PDF preview, then something interfered with the proper installation of the PDF JobReady driver. Verify that you are running the most recent version of Reader, and upgrade it if necessary. Then uninstall PDF JobReady, and restart the machine. Install PDF JobReady and try again.

  • What applications work with PDF JobReady?

    PDF JobReady supports almost every desktop application. However, initial testing has shown CorelDraw to be a slower conversion process with occasional errors. This is caused by an incompatibility between CorelDraw and the PostScript drivers. We have no reports of incompatibilities with other applications.

  • My documents are not quite print-ready. They still need layout work done by my printer. Will they be able to do this work once I've converted the file into a PDF?

    Yes, your printer will be able to preflight and modify the PDF when necessary with other applications designed for this purpose.

  • Can I save the PDF that is created, for my own records?

    Yes, from the preview screen you can save the JobReady PDF file to your computer. You will be able to view, and print the file only from that computer, or the print shop.